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May 2011

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To me music is something akin to god, I can’t sing or play anything at all which in a way makes it all the more mysterious and astounding to know that the source of such amazing sound is borne from the human imagination

In a way listening to music of almost any kind is in some ways akin to flying, to soar on a crescendo and feel your own heartbeat through the sounds of music intoned can leave ones soul enraptured for what seems like an eternity.

I myself have only just begun to scratch the surface of the ever enigmatic world of music; it is after all my lack of instrumental skill that draws me to those that are considered to be the best of their kind. I wish to hear violins scream of love so doomed it ripped from the flesh my own beating heart, I want to see the piano’s keys dance to a sonnet so full of sweetness nightingales would weep if they heard, I want to hear a singer with a voice so poignant and powerful that as their lungs let forth the most amazing sounds I soar with them as they rise and fall through their instrumental endeavors.

Without sound in many ways I would feel as if I was cut adrift from the world, I would in my own way lose my ability to feel, my heart could still be open, but the capacity to feel the beauty of human creation would be irrevocably damaged. No, I cannot play, but for that reason music has become entwined within my very soul, the sense of an unknown force bursting into the world and tossing my mind into new imaginative heights and without it I fear I would soar no more.